March 28, 2017


Workshop 1

Monday, May 8 – 3PM

Navigating Worship

Chapel // Worship Team

In this session, come and have Q&A time with our Worship Pastor, Worship Leaders, Technical Leaders, Welcome Ministry Leader. We’ll show you our process for planning weekly and special services, and how that is navigated across our multi-campus structure.

View From 10,000 ft – District and Large Church Partnerships

Kid Connection Worship Space (2nd floor) // Linda Harris

Navigating the increasing challenges of oversized and diverse districts requires creative partnerships with larger churches. By leveraging the strengths of larger congregations, superintendents can resource smaller churches. The positive results demonstrate a deeper connectionalism that can ultimately bring spiritual health and vitality to the entire district in our shared purpose to make Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Changing Your Church DNA

Creation Corner Worship // Dan Bogre

If you as a pastor have come into your church and you feel that you cannot change the DNA of that church, you have already lost the battle. It can be done and, in fact, it must be done in the case of most of our churches. The world and our own communities have changed drastically and our churches have not. Mission and vision are great if you have discovered the right ones that God has crafted for your church and more importantly your community. Finding them is only step one. The real question is whether or not you have started to live into that mission and vision. This workshop is about a church just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, that has been around since 1893 and the transformation that took place to reshape, reform and rebirth a mission and vision for that sacred place. It’s time to change your DNA.

Navigating Tweens: Why You Need a Tween Ministry

Tween Worship Space (3rd Floor)// Amanda Cates

Join me as we take a look at what a tween is, what their culture is, and why they are significantly relevant to the church and it’s future. These tried and true practices are sure to impact your ministry!

Navigating Safety & Security

Student Lounge // Jim Hutchison

Do you wear seatbelts in your car? Why? Do you have fire or smoke alarms in your church? Why? This workshop will describe several simple steps you can take to make your church more secure. Presented by, Jim Hutchison, retired Chief of Police and current Director of Christ Church’s Safety & Security Ministry

The Secret To A Long Tenure

2nd Grade Classroom (2nd floor) // Ron Watts

Longer pastoral tenures oftentimes result in sustained growth and fruitfulness. But, how do you dig in and stay for the long haul? Ron Watts begins his 30th year of ministry in Cape Girardeau this year and has seen La Croix grow from a church plant to over 2,200 in attendance. He’ll share some of the secrets of longevity he’s learned along the way.

Navigating Finances – The Future Of The Church

1st Grade Classroom (2nd floor) // Mark Brooks

In 1970 Alvin Toffler coined the term Future Shock to mean, “too much change in too little time.” If the 1970’s seemed fast changing, today we are living in even faster changing times. This session will deal with how these changes are leading to the decline in giving that is threatening the life of the Church. The church that survives into the future is the church that plans today for tomorrow.

Up Your Leadership Quotient

3rd Grade Classroom (2nd Floor) // Monty Weatherall

In improving your LQ, you will discover what all great leaders have always known, that great leadership starts with self-leadership. You will also learn that broadening your level of influence with those leading you, with those serving alongside you, and with those following you, are keys to improving as a leader. Finally, you will be given practical “can’t miss” principles to improving your Leadership Quotient.

Navigating a Bookstore

4th Grade Classroom (3rd Floor) // Noel Russell

Can retail be missional? Absolutely! A cafe and bookstore within the church can help create the perfect atmosphere for connection and growth. Come find out how and why these ministries can be integral to your church and how to get started.

Counseling Outsource

5th Grade Classroom (3rd Floor ) // Steve Heitkamp

Connecting with qualified and professional mental health/pastoral counselors is an important part of meeting the needs of the congregation and those of the area. We will look at assessing the needs of a congregation and also various models available for churches to partner with counseling resources.



Workshop 2

Tuesday, May 9 – 10:30AM

Navigating Change

Chapel // Shane Bishop

Afraid of Change? Here is why it can’t come too soon.

Navigating Multi-Site

Kid Connection Worship Space (2nd floor) // Larry Weber

Wondering if Multi-Site is for you? Have specific questions you want answered before you embark? Or questions about how to handle challenges that have arisen in your Multi-Site? I don’t have all the answers; but, I can share our experiences and talk through some of the challenges. Join me for a conversation about why and how.

8 Virtues of Rapidly Growing Churches

Creation Corner Worship // Matt Miofsky

While decline is an overriding narrative for the greater United Methodist Church, there are actually a surprising number of churches that are growing rapidly. After studying these diverse churches, there are some consistent patterns, habits and virtues that emerge. In this workshop we will talk about these virtues and what they can teach all of us, no matter our context.

The View From 35,000 Feet

Tween Worship Space (3rd Floor) // Bishop Frank Beard

What should you expect from your episcopal leaders and what episcopal leaders expect from large church pastors.

Navigating Towards a High Commitment Culture

Student Lounge // Don Frazure

Excellence doesn’t just happen – you have to work for it. However, excellence cannot be achieved by just one person in an organization. It takes a high level of commitment from everyone on the team. So, how do you get volunteers to commit to a week’s worth of rehearsals and give up their entire Christmas Eve to serve from 9am to 9pm in order hold 5 services – not to mention 7 services in 4 locations each week the rest of the year? You need a high commitment culture, and this session will give you strategies to increase the level of commitment at your church.

Preaching with Integrity

2nd Grade Classroom (2nd floor) // Jim Slone

The session will discuss integrity in preaching as it relates to sound usage of Scripture, thorough study and preparation of sermons, the faithfulness and honesty of the preacher, and the place of prayer in preaching. A few thoughts about the problem of plagiarism will be included.

Strategic Moves For A Healthy, Thriving Staff Culture

1st Grade Classroom (2nd floor) // Mike Schreiner

Let’s face it, getting the right staff on board and aligned makes ministry more effective, more efficient, and a whole lot more fun! Since Mike Schreiner founded Morning Star Church 18 years ago, he’s learned a lot through several successful and quite a few not-so-successful staffing transitions. Join him for a crucial conversation about creating a culture of Unity & Alignment, Expectations & Accountability, and Development & Teachability.

Civil Discourse

3rd Grade Classroom (2nd Floor) // Sara Isbel

“Civil discourse” simply means conversing with mutual respect and good manners. It sounds so easy. But in today’s political/social climate, even church-folks are struggling to keep manners in check. How can we do better at speaking – and more importantly, at listening – to those whom God calls us to love?

Meet The Good People

4th Grade Classroom (3rd Floor) // Roger Ross

Ever felt stuck in ways of doing church that produce less and less fruit each year? John Wesley sure did—until he stumbled on to seven ways to connect with non-churched people that ignited a revival. Discover how those seven methods of early Methodism, recast for the 21st century, can bring fresh faith to pre-Christian people and unleash a new wave of the Spirit in our day.

Navigating Small Groups In A Large Church

5th Grade Classroom (3rd Floor) // Pam and Dave Huff

As a church grows larger it’s small group ministry becomes more important than ever. We can’t do discipleship the way we used to. The culture is changing and so must we.




Workshop 3

Tuesday, May 9 – 2:30PM

Navigating the Church Week

Chapel // Shane Bishop, Don Frazure, Alan Prass

If there is one thing we can all relate to as church leaders, it is the fact that Sunday returns with an unwavering degree of regularity. Each week, multiple services are prepared, sermons written, offerings received, meetings to be had, people to recruit and train, staff to manage, buildings to be maintained, etc. With all that has to be done, there has to be a structure in place so that both the macro and micro areas of the church are addressed. This session will help you better understand our staff leadership structure, and how we work each week preparing for Sunday.

Preaching For A Change

Kid Connection Worship Space (2nd Floor) // Brad Kalajainen

This workshop will help you evaluate your preaching style, eliminate harmful habits, learn to plan ahead, communicate with greater effectiveness, and help transform lives. This workshop will be interactive and full of practical ideas you can digest and use immediately!

Navigating Infant Baptism

Creation Corner Worship Space (1st) // Mistie Denny

Infant/child baptism is a BIG deal! It is a spiritual milestone for the child, the family, and the Church. This workshop will focus on leveraging this milestone to build faith partnerships with families that will last through the years. You will learn how to create an event that brings the church and family together to celebrate, and to communicate principles of spiritual parenting. Let’s stop losing kids in the end by starting right in the beginning.

Meet The Good People

Tween Worship Space (3rd Floor) // Roger Ross

Ever felt stuck in ways of doing church that produce less and less fruit each year? John Wesley sure did—until he stumbled on to seven ways to connect with non-churched people that ignited a revival. Discover how those seven methods of early Methodism, recast for the 21st century, can bring fresh faith to pre-Christian people and unleash a new wave of the Spirit in our day.

Navigating Student Ministry

Student Lounge // Zack Funk

In this breakout we will discuss how to dream, pray, and work your teen ministry. We will talk about: Small Groups, apps, parents, students, curriculum, leaders, and the power of prayer. We would love to share with you how God can use you to change the life of a teenager.

Navigating Special Needs

2nd Grade Classroom (2nd floor) // Rachel Frazure

It is the church’s responsibility to minister to all members of the body of Christ, especially those within the special needs community. In this breakout session led by Rachel Frazure, Director of the Special Needs Ministry at Christ Church, hear how the Wonderfully Made Ministry came to be and learn some necessary steps in beginning and developing a thriving special needs ministry within your own church.

Navigating Communications; Letting Software For You

1st Grade Classroom (2nd floor) // Justin Aymer

Are you manually entering in every bit of communications for your church? Did you know that you could save time, work smarter, and get more done to help your church? This workshop will give you ideas about how to use software to automate your work as well as empower your staff and volunteers to spread the word themselves.

Your First Few Years as Pastor

3rd Grade Classroom (2nd Floor) // Zack Dunlap

New to pastoral ministry? No amount of training can prepare you to gracefully handle all you’ll encounter! Join us for discussion, leadership tips, and reflections from a 29-year-old pastor with five years of ministry under his belt.

Navigating Welcome & Hospitality Ministries

4th Grade Classroom (3rd Floor) // Carrie Gaxiola & Kelly Costello

First impressions for our guests are extremely important. We believe the worship experience starts as they enter the building not when the first prayer is prayed or song is sung. Join us for this session on building a hospitable, welcoming environment that stands out, leaves them talking about the friendliness of your church and keeps them coming back!

Navigating Urban Ministry

5th Grade Classroom (3rd Floor) // Ashley Cooper

Exploring models of ministry that work in an urban context. An opportunity to Share stories of growth. What can we learn from the other side of the pond?